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Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Progressive Web Application (PWA) BY Anurag Dubey | 14 December, 2021 | Views (50)

Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs) are not the phenomenon of this year. However, the technology has attracted the attention of modern developers and investors because of its ability to provide a high-quality user experience close to native applications.

In 2019, 65% of online purchase orders through the website were made with mobile devices. The growing trend of PWA websites makes it possible for users to view their favorite websites on a mobile web browser or desktop without having to download any special software or applications. In 2021 PWAs will be written with HTML and CSS, JavaScript, React, or Angular. In addition to a great user experience and no program requirement, PWAs can send push notifications and provide users with offline access to cached content.

To whom could these latest website technologies be important? Ecommerce, news platforms, companies with low growth budgets, and those looking to reach a large audience without losing it at the app download stage need to be extremely cautious now. It is also true that PWAs can replace money algorithms in the world of the App Store and Google Play Market, where paid apps must share profits with app aggregators.

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