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How to identify your ideal customer?

How to identify your ideal customer? BY Rahul | 04 March, 2021 | Views (69)

The fact is that about 30% of all your customers will generate 90% of your income. This is because the other 90% do not fully conform to their ideal customer.

There is a way to increase your revenue exponentially, and this is by focusing too much on your ideal customer so that you can attract more ideal customers and less non-ideal customers.

1. What benefits does your product or service receive?

List all the benefits of your product or service. When you think like your customer, you will always think "what do I get from this?" Your customers want to know why they should use that product.

2. Identify the pain points you can resolve

What kind of problems does your product or service have? Spare time? Does this end boredom?

3. Determine who has resolved these problems

Once you put together a list of the benefits of your product offering and pain resolves your product, you need to find out who needs those benefits and who is there for those pain points.

4. Determine the potential characteristics of your customers

Once you have a list of people who can benefit from your product or service, you can make a list of demographics and other factors that share the people of that group.

5. Determine the behavior of your customers

Find ways to do research on a list of people you have done before so that you can get a better idea of ​​the type of behavior you are displaying to your target audience.

6. What is the career of your ideal customer?

Can you determine what type of information you have previously collected with your ideal customer?

7. What price can they pay?

Once you know what kind of career your ideal customer is, you can set a reasonable price for your product or service based on what they can do and the value of your offering.

8. Test your beliefs

Once you have a clear idea of ​​who your ideal customer is, you can test your beliefs by identifying some influences within your audience and asking them to try your product or service.

9. Repeat

Take the answer you get from the above information and test it and improve your offerings so that you can really make your ideal customer happy.

By using the information learned from all the above functions, you can really focus your marketing efforts towards your ideal customer. Additionally, you can use the information to retain the right customers to take advantage of repeat customers and a high level of customer satisfaction.

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