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15 Top web development trends in 2021

15 Top web development trends in 2021 BY Rahul | 25 April, 2022 | Views (17)

#1 Progressive Web Application (PWA)

#2 Artificial Intelligence and Bots

#3 Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

#4 Single Page Application (SPA)

#5 Voice Search Optimization

#6 Motion UI

#7 Automation Testing

#8 JavaScript Framework

#9 Serverless Architecture and Applications

#10 Blockchain Technology

#11 Internet of Things (IoT)

#12 Mobile Development First

#13 Responsive Websites (RWD)

The reason you need a user-friendly mobile website is that it is the only way to get the right search engine indexing. And proper indexing affects your competitiveness.

#14 Push Notifications

#15 GPDR and Cyber ​​Security

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What are the top website trends for 2021 to watch? In a competitive market like digital, it is important to anticipate changes and learn to adapt to them. Get to know the 15 web trends of the coming year and know the decade comes full-armed!

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