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Make Money With Google Promotion Services

Make Money With Google Promotion Services BY Kamlesh Singh | 23 January, 2021 | Views (54)

Many people realize that they can benefit from Google promotions, and in order to do so, you have to display Google ads on your website, but many people do not know how to use Google AdSense to increase revenue. There are some guidelines on how to benefit from Google Ads and the most effective way to operate Google AdSense.

Guideline #1 - Before applying for your AdSense account, check that you have nothing less than a website or blog with something interesting or useful. As a basis, you should have 10 or 15 posts and / or pages. If you are submitting a website that is clearly under development and not the actual content, then Google can reject your request, and once rejected, it is difficult to be considered once, so Get it right the first time.

Guideline #2 - Make sure which type of website you submit. Google does not allow the display of AdSense ads on websites with adult content, websites with copyright-protected content that are legitimate to display websites identified with the said substance, gambling websites, drugs, alcohol or tobacco, weapons, theft, or others. Do not have authority. Illegal activities. , Compensation projects and the content of "contempt". Websites related to finance and international currency exchange have a difficult time getting approved.

Guideline #3 - Once supported, create an AdSense block for content and be sure to create custom channels. The custom channel will allow you to track the progress of your promotional blocks. Provide identification to your custom channels so that you know which ad block is being referred to. For example, for my content link at the top of my feline web page, I use the "feline stop" channel, and for the category at the centre of each blog post, I use "felinesmidpost".

Guideline #4 - Google allows 3 promotional units and 3 link units to be displayed on each web page. Maybe use your practical decision skills to show how many ads to choose from. In the event that your page has minimal content, then 6 promotions will simply look like a major promotion. I usually use a link unit at the top, a large square or rectangular centre post, and another link unit at the bottom of the post. I use a skyscraper as part of the left or right sidebar. See Google's recommendation on special locations of Google, which will show you the best places to benefit from Google ads.

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